European Union (EU)

EU supports successful 2016 presidential elections in Benin The European Union (EU) intervenes in several ways in order to support Benin in the important democratic rendezvous of these presidential elections. Firstly, the EU supports the electoral operations of the National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA) by providing technical assistance since 20 January 2016. Implemented by ECES (European Center for Electoral Support), this technical assistance mission supports CENA in its mission, particularly for communication and awareness-raising activities, as well as training. On the other hand, in response to the invitation of the President of the Republic, a mission of electoral expertise (MEE) of the European Union is currently staying in Cotonou. The mission is composed of three experts responsible for analyzing the various phases of the electoral process and will meet many interlocutors for this purpose. This mission is independent, neutral, does not intervene in the process and abstains from public communication. Finally, the European Union supports the Electoral Platform of Civil Society Organizations in Benin and, in so doing, increases the presence of civil society observers during the elections.