With the support of ECES, CENA trains electoral actors on conflict management during elections.
The National Autonomous Electoral Commission (Cena) in partnership with the European Center for Electoral Support (ECES) organized from 11 to 13 April 2016 a training seminar on leadership and electoral conflict management. Participated in the session of Cena members, representatives of civil society and other actors of the electoral process in Benin. The goal was to build the leadership capacity of these actors and provide them with the tools they need to manage conflict during an election period.

For Josep Coll, head of the European Union delegation in Benin, it was also a question of allowing electoral agents to capitalize on the experiences gained in recent months when Benin organized three elections, namely the communals and the legislative elections. the 2015 presidential election in 2016. The diplomat particularly emphasized the role of communication and social networks during this election period.

“This training also allowed us to know that in such work, to succeed in an electoral process we must have a common vision, we must look in the same direction,” said Fatoumatou Batoko-Zossou, member of the civil society and president of the electoral platform of civil society organizations during the presidential elections of March 2016.

Satisfied with the training, participants who left with certificates, tools and materials to manage other elections expressed the wish to see the experience repeat itself. Indeed, this training session marks the end of Ceae’s technical support to Cena on behalf of the 2016 presidential election.