CENA wants to reduce election costs in Benin

The National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA) wants to better control the electoral expenses of Benin. She invited to a workshop opened June 19 in Cotonou, the various structures involved in the organization of elections.

In three days of work, the representatives of the ministries, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Parliament as well as those of the civil society will think about the harmonization of the mechanisms of elaboration of the budgets of the elections. Emmanuel Tiando, the president of the CENA specified the tasks. It is :
Define the main cost elements of elections in Benin
Estimate the hourly workload of each electoral officer
Propose harmonized rates of bonuses to be paid to election officers
The goal is to reduce the costs of elections deemed high by the president of the CENA. They have been growing from one election to another since 1991, said Basil Fassinou, the budget coordinator at CENA.

The rationalization of election expenses is also one of the objectives of the proposed reform of the electoral code. In particular, it is a question of introducing general elections to avoid the enormous expenses induced by successive elections such as those to come in the next three years (legislative elections in 2019, communal elections in 2020 and presidential elections in 2021).


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