Benin / Legislative 2019: The CENA committed to reliable and less expensive elections

Concerned about the smooth conduct of the next electoral cycle, including the debates in the budget conference on the organization of the legislative elections of 2019, the National Electoral Commission (Cena) will hold from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 June in Cotonou, a national workshop to the place of the institutions involved in the electoral process. The aim is to harmonize sectoral budgets with stakeholders in order to reduce the cost of elections.

Under the theme “Harmonization of sectoral budgets of the various ministries and institutions involved in the electoral process”, this workshop intends to allow Cena to control the cost of elections. Thus, the major actors of the process such as ministries, the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, Cos-Lépi, the National Observatory of Electoral Processes and civil society organizations will take part in this meeting which will opens a few months before the next election cycle.

It is a contribution of the electoral commission for a better organization of the elections. The participants will focus on three main lines of reflection, including the “challenges and challenges of harmonizing electoral expenditure budgets to reduce the costs of elections in Benin”, “resource mobilization and election financing in Benin”, which will be presented by the Ministry of Finance while the other institutions will present “the methodology for drawing up their respective budgets and the items taken into account in these budgets”. These different sub-themes thus testify to Cena’s desire for transparency and reliability in the organization of elections at a lower cost.


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