Benin / Legislative 2019 CENA executives in training for a better organization of elections

The National Independent Electoral Commission has been organizing since Monday, August 20, 2018 a training workshop type BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Election), for its executives in the perspective of organizing the next parliamentary elections. Initiated with the technical and financial support of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (Osiwa) and the Resao, this workshop intends, according to Emmanuel Tiando, president of Cena, to use the concrete realities experienced in electoral matters to build skills. and aptitudes for future deadlines.

For five days, the executives of the body in charge of the organization of the elections in Benin will be equipped on technical and professional aspects. They will be administered in modules such as the introduction to tax administration, strategic planning. For Emmanuel Tiando, it will be for the members of the CENA to revisit their previous electoral experiences by highlighting their performance, the successes on which to capitalize but also and especially the inadequacies to correct. An approach that, according to him, is in line with BRIDGE’s overall objectives: “to help build the capacity of the electoral administrators we are in order to be able to fulfill our mission more concretely and effectively, to increase our professionalism, building teams and networks within our electoral management body or with other external bodies of the same nature, “explained the president of Cena.

In addition, Emmanuel Tiando recalled that since its installation in July 2014, the members of Cena had had to organize several elections which, despite some shortcomings, have been successful. It should be noted that Cena’s main mission is to make every effort to ensure Benin’s inclusive, free, transparent and credible elections. According to President Emmanuel Tiando, this mission, the Cena accomplishes it by having as sole guides the conviction and the will of its members to serve the nation. “But, we have to recognize that if we had benefited from more adequate training, we would have better organized these elections because we would be technically and professionally better equipped,” he said. Hence the holding of this training workshop organized as a prelude to the parliamentary elections of 2019.


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